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Lie Setiawan Profile Photo-LOW

Lie Setiawan

The mentorship was overall jam-packed with knowledge, I've had some mind-blowing moments ...
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Alessandro Paviolo

Thanks to CGVerse I was able to land my first in-house job at Forge Reply...
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Leana Mullan profile image

Leana Mullan

The best investment I ever did! I wouldn’t have come so far in this short time on my own …
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Ramona Bottiglione

My mentor was really kind and always patient in helping me out and answering my questions, showing me ...
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Stefan Stankovic

I highly recommend cgverse to anybody who wants to reduce…
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Gabriel Juarez

Gabriel Juarez

I came to CGVerse concept art school so I could learn how to create compelling scenes ...
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Frequently Asked Questions about common art schools worldwide

It is worth going to an art school. If the educational institution provides up to date training in accredited art programs with successful lecturers, inside the industry you are looking for.

On average the combined cost of a physical art school is roughly 42,000$ according to

As a result, students tend to choose cheaper online solutions or approach a self-taught learning path.

On the other hand, an online art school provides an effective and affordable alternative to physical lecturing in an art school.

In an art school, you do prepare for majors and extend skillsets in various subjects with a primary focus on the visual arts such as Graphic Design, Fine Art, Sculpture, 2D Animation, Photography and in a modern online art school you do Digital Art, such as Concept Art/Design, Illustration, 3D Modeling or 3D Animation.

There are also VFX art schools, which cover various fields for Compositors, Roto Scopers, Colorists, Matte Painters, Set Designers or Production Designers, and many more.

There are various benefits included next to the covered subjects, such as:

  • Exchange with experienced art lecturers, working in the industry.
  • Detailed personal mentorships of experts.
  • Art school classmates.
  • Networking events to companies or editors.
  • Building a brand according to the guidance of professionals.

Artists make an average wage of $17.73 an hour, which is $35,460 per year, as determined by 1,742 employees at The lowest-earning is less than $19,150 per year.

Certain art fields such as Concept Art, expose a higher average annual wage of $80,433 per year according to

Certain institutions require a portfolio to be able to identify the skillsets of the student applying to courses or mentorships. Sometimes it is not necessary to build a portfolio just to attend an art school course if it is an introductory course. In this case, the knowledgeable guidance of expert instructors will help you establish your first entries to your portfolio as an artist.