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Concept art school CGVerse provides mentorship experiences specialized to concept art and illustration key art, Career guidance, role modeling for artists at any level. From beginner to professionally working.

Our ultimate goal is to improve the education industry across the world. We drive to set an example for transparency, trust and satisfaction of students.

Everything you learn from CGVerse is referenced and comes from years of industry experience. Our results are our words.

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Edward Chee

Edward Chee is an Illustrator and concept artist with working experience in the entertainment industry.
His work primarily focuses on portraitures and colourful nostalgic sceneries which can be seen on card game illustrations and music videos, worked with titles such as The Elder Scrolls: Legends and War of Legion.

Edward Chee CGVerse Instructor 03
Monika Palosz CGVerse Instructor 05

Monika Palosz

Monika Palosz is a senior artist who has 5 years+ of working experience at SIXMOREVODKA STUDIO.
At SIXMOREVODKA STUDIO’s she has worked for clients such as RIOT GAMES. She creates visualy immersive artworks in a team environment and personaly.

Ankush Khare

A leading 3D character artist and a mentor Ankush Khare has been working at Ubisoft India Studios. He also showed a great leadership and managing skills as a specialist and an art lead at Sumo Digital Ltd, Dhruva Interactive and more. He is skilled in creating a variety of 3D characters, props and environments.

Ankush Khare CGVerse Instructor 04
Xu Yang CGVerse Instructor 06

Xu Yang

Xu Yang is a 3D character artist and a mentor with working experience in multiple games and animation movies.
He is specialized in bringing elaborate 3D characters into reality with cinematic expression and high-quality rendering. He has worked for Wu Xing Tian studio, Bi Ke and more.

David Ko

David Ko is a concept artist currently working at Riot Games since 2016. He has worked on multiple games including League of Legends at Riot Games, Dungeon Hunter 4 for Gameloft, and worked for Le Vision Pictures, LTD. in 2015-2016. He is a passionate artist who likes to create stylized designs.

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Christopher Schiefer

Founder and mentor Christopher Schiefer has worked for clients such as Lik studios Taiwan, Karakter Design studios Berlin, Mad head studios Hong Kong and more.

He has lectured students from Wizard of the Coast, Technicolor, FZD School, Forge Reply, Sumo Digital, Splat, Ubisoft and artists all around the world from U.S.A, Thailand, Japan, Singapore e.g Dominic Foong’s review, Philippines, Mexico, Poland e.g Mateusz Majewski’s student work, Brazil, Serbia e.g Adam’s review or Stefan’s review, Russia and many more.

He has been interviewed multiple times on platforms such as 3DTotal.com, 80.lv, Voxgroovy.is or momenta.online among other industry professionals.

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