Alessandro Paviolo Concept Art School Review | CGverse
"Thanks to CGVerse I was able to land my first in-house job at Forge Reply as an Environment Concept Artist."
Alessandro Paviolo
Concept Artist at Forge Reply

Mentorship Review: 2D & 3D Environments

Alessandro Paviolo​

He is currently active as a  Concept Artist at Forge Reply and also does Freelance work for multiple companies.

“My passion and my enthusiasm are the engines that push me to improve.”

3D & 2D Environment Painting Mentorship

Full 1on1 live mentorship custom tailored towards your problems.We will work together every week to create full blown marketing quality ready images.

Tell us about yourself: Who are you, what do you love to do and where are you from?
My name is Alessandro, I’m a freelance concept artist and illustrator focused mainly on Environment Design. I’m from Turin, in the north of Italy.
What did you do during the mentorship and what helped you on each task?

I did two different mentorships: The first was focused on 2D Environment Concept Art and was focused on improving skills on Photobash, Perspective, and Lighting. The second one was focused on learning Blender to produce concepts and illustrations.

What was it that we did differently, which made you trust us and get a mentorship with us in comparison to other ways of learning?

What really got me into taking the mentorship was the works of the teachers that I saw on Artstation as well as the works of the students. After sending an email to get further information, Chris and his team were really helpful, describing all different parts of the mentorship to be sure it was really useful for me and if it really was what I was looking for.

Alessandro Paviolo's concept art school work, Overview concept art
This work was done as the final concept for the 2D mentorship using perspective grids, photobash and painting.
How was the mentorship for you?

It was an amazing experience! The class was really small and even if the overall lesson was around 2h, it always ended up being even 4/5h to be sure that we got everything correct. After the mentorship, the teachers were really open to additional questions and feedback and learned a lot from that too.

What would you say when you recommend us to someone who really needs help?

This school really boosted my knowledge and skills in environment design, both 2D and 3D and thanks to CGVerse I was able to land my first in-house job as an Environment Concept Artist.

Alessandro Paviolo's concept art school work, Aztec concept art

This work was done at the end of the 3D mentorship using Blender and Photoshop. I created all the assets and textured them to be able to create my final scene.

Personal Images

(Before the mentorship)

Alessandro Paviolo's personal work, Flowers Crows concept art

Flowers and Crows | Exterior

Artwork done for the Feudal Japan: The Shogunate Artstation Challenge.

2nd Place Artstation

Project Hephaestus - The Room

Artwork for my Project Hephaestus: The room were Hephaestus used to craft weapons for the Gods.
Alessandro Paviolo's personal work, Project Hephaestus concept art
Alessandro Paviolo's personal work, Ruins concept art

Rising sun

Personal experiment done with Photoshop and Blender.