20. June 2024

Blender 4.2 Features & Release Date🚀

blender 4 2 features

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Hey, Blender fans! 🎨

Blender 4.2 is going to release on the 16th of July, 2024, and it’s packed with updates that’ll elevate your 3D workflows. Whether you’re animating, modeling, or coding, there are some nice improvements to look forward to. Let’s check out the highlights of this version and see how it can boost your projects.

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Table of Contents

  1. Release Schedule
  2. Cycles Improvements
  3. EEVEE-Next Real-Time Rendering Overhaul
  4. Geometry Nodes - More Power, More Fun
  5. Core
  6. Compositor
  7. Color Management
  8. Import & Export
  9. Modeling & UV
  10. Sculpt, Paint, Texture
  11. User Interface
  12. Sequencer
  13. Animation & Rigging

You can feel a little lost when learning new features so I compiled it all for you and sumarized it. 👼

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Blender 4.2: Release Schedule

Bcon1AlphaNew features and changesFebruary 7, 2024main
Bcon2AlphaImprove and stabilizeMay 1, 2024main
Bcon3BetaBug fixing onlyJune 5, 2024blender-v4.2-release
Bcon4Release CandidatePrepare releaseJuly 10, 2024blender-v4.2-release
Bcon5ReleaseOfficial releaseJuly 16, 2024blender-v4.2-release

Blender 4.2: Cycles Improvements

FeatureDetailsCommit/ Pull Request
Ray PortalsThe Ray Portal BSDF transports rays to another location in the scene with specified ray position and normal. Useful for rendering portals and various visual effects.PR#114386
Thin Film InterferenceThe Principled BSDF now supports physically accurate thin film interference effects for specular reflection and transmission, initially applied to dielectric materials.PR#118477
Principled HairThe Huang model provides more accurate results for close-up hair rendering, dynamically switching between near and far field models based on distance.PR#116094
Subsurface ScatteringA Roughness input has been added to the Subsurface Scattering node, aligning it with the Principled BSDF.PR#114499
Denoising- Upgraded to OpenImageDenoise 2.3 for improved denoising quality.
- GPU acceleration enabled on AMD GPUs on Windows and Linux.
- CPU renders can now use GPU accelerated denoising.
Sampling- Blue-noise-distributed sampling improves visual quality, particularly with low sample counts.
- Improved volume light sampling, especially for spotlights and area light spread.
World OverrideA new option for view layers to override the world settings.PR#117920
Intel GPU RenderingNow supports host memory fallback, improving rendering on systems with limited GPU memory.PR#122385

EEVEE-Next 4.2: Real-Time Rendering Overhaul

FeatureDetailsCommit/ Pull Request
Global IlluminationEEVEE now uses screen space ray tracing for every BSDF with no limitation on the number of BSDFs. Materials using Blended render method are removed from reflections instead of being projected onto the background.-
LightsUnlimited number of lights in a scene (up to 4096 visible at once). Lights are now visible through refractive surfaces, support ray visibility options, and have improved glossy lighting without back-leakage.-
ShadowsShadows rendered using Virtual Shadow Maps, improving resolution and reducing biases. Light visibility uses Shadow Map Ray Tracing for plausible soft shadows, removing the need for shadow jittering.-
ShadingMaterial > Blend Mode replaced by Material > Render Method. Options like Backface Culling and Transparent Shadows added for better performance with Virtual Shadow Maps. Screen-Space Refraction renamed to Raytraced Transmission.-
DisplacementNow supported except for Displacement Only mode, which defaults to Displacement And Bump.-
ThicknessNew Thickness output for better modeling of Refraction, Subsurface Scattering, and Translucency. This replaces Refraction Depth.PR#120384
Subsurface ScatteringSupports any number of BSSRDF nodes with arbitrary radii, preventing energy loss and leakage between objects. The associated translucency option has been removed.-
Volume Light-ProbesFaster convergence and higher resolution for volume light probes baking. Baking is done at object level, allowing post-bake edits and linking from other files. New rejection algorithm and flood fill reduce shadow leaking.-
Sphere Light ProbesDynamic and updated as they move. Firefly-free reflections for rough surfaces, with less “foggy” appearance compared to previous versions.-
VolumeWorld volume blocks distant light completely. Volume lighting is dithered to avoid flickering. Mesh objects have correct volume intersection, and evaluation of small volume objects has been optimized.PR#114062
WorldSunlight contribution is automatically extracted from HDRI lighting.-
Image StabilityImproved viewport image stability using velocity-aware temporal supersampling. Clamping options behavior unified with Cycles.-
Motion BlurPartial support in viewport through camera view. Added support for Shutter Curve.-
Depth of FieldRewritten and optimized, removing Denoise Amount and High Quality Slight Defocus settings, which are now always on.-
UI AdjustmentsPanels and properties adjusted to align closer to Cycles. Objects with Display As set to Wire or Bounds now render in Render viewport shading mode. Cycles and EEVEE share the Cast Shadow property.1f2b935146
Multithreaded Shader CompilationNew Max Shader Compilation Subprocesses option in Preferences > System > Memory & Limits to use multiple subprocesses for faster shader compilation on Windows and Linux.-

Blender 4.2: Geometry Nodes - More Power, More Fun

FeatureDetailsCommit/ Pull Request
Realize InstancesSupports partially realizing the geometry.1db538683d
Sample Nearest SurfaceSampling nodes now support Group ID input.75e9056cac
Geometry ProximitySampling nodes now support Group ID input.0494605e7e
Remove Named AttributeSupports removing multiple attributes with the same prefix or suffix.6c46178a7f
Capture AttributeSupports capturing multiple attributes at once.28cef56ad2
Store Named AttributeCan now write 8-bit integer attributes.1681e55114
Curve to PointsNow has a rotation output socket.248dafef74
Axes to RotationSimplifies creating rotation based on two orthogonal axes.25c134fd08
Align Rotation to VectorReplaces the deprecated Align Euler to Vector node, improving performance and socket clarity.462e7aeedd
Rotation Input NodeAllows inserting a constant rotation in a node group.968b98be56
Sockets AlignmentThe sockets in the Repeat and Simulation zone and Bake node are now aligned.1f30f41af8
Simulation Zone OverlayNow shows which frames are baked.96db947f16
Socket List in Properties PanelThe socket list for some nodes is now in the properties panel instead of an independent panel.0c585a1b8a
Menu Switch Extend SocketThe Menu Switch node now has an “extend” socket.176c6ef329
Face Neighbors Mesh TopologyNow gives the correct number of unique faces.dd672c38b1
Scale Elements NodeRewritten to become at least 4-10x faster.2cb3677557
Sample UV Surface Node10-20x faster when used on large meshes.0a430fb8cb
General Threading OptimizationMany nodes (e.g. Grid) became faster due to general threading optimization.b99c1abc3a
Mouse Position NodeGives access to the click position and can delay the operator’s execution until the user clicks.ce224fe401
Viewport Transform NodeProvides access to the view direction and location of the 3D viewport.83ed92d533
Data-block InputsSupports inputs like collection, object, material, and image, with limitations on non-unique names from separate libraries.65803f262f
Active Element NodeMakes the active vertex, edge, or face available to tools.2fe92c63d3
Avoid Extra Object EvaluationsImproves overall performance, especially when objects have modifiers.b3ecfcd77d
Socket InspectionNow works in the node editor for node tools.740d1fbc4b
Matrix Socket: Combine TransformBuilds a matrix based on location, rotation, and scale.831e91c357
Matrix Socket: Separate TransformDecomposes a matrix into its location, rotation, and scale components.831e91c357
Matrix Socket: Transform PointApplies the matrix transformation on a point.831e91c357
Matrix Socket: Transform DirectionApplies the matrix transformation on a direction, ignoring the location/translation component.831e91c357
Matrix Socket: Project PointApplies the matrix on a point and performs perspective divide.831e91c357
Matrix Socket: Combine MatrixBuilds a 4x4 matrix from raw values.831e91c357
Matrix Socket: Separate MatrixSplits a 4x4 matrix into raw values.831e91c357
Matrix Socket: Set Instance TransformAssigns a transformation matrix to each instance.fb6b9092a7
Matrix Socket: Instance TransformAccesses the built-in instance_transform attribute.fb6b9092a7
Matrix Socket: Invert Matrix-831e91c357
Matrix Socket: Multiply Matrices-831e91c357
Matrix Socket: Transpose Matrix-831e91c357
Object Info NodeNow has a Transform matrix output.4dfc1ede58
Transform Geometry NodeSupports transforming with a matrix.9fcf97d978
4x4 MatricesCan now be stored as attributes.-
Accumulate Field NodeSupports accumulating transform matrices.78c1c1a170

Blender 4.2: Core

FeatureDetailsCommit / Pull Request
Faster UndoUndo operations are now faster due to implicit sharing, enhancing performance and efficiency when undoing actions in Blender.0e8e219d71
Portable InstallationCreating a portable installation is simplified. Instead of using a 4.2/config folder, you can now create a portable folder next to the Blender executable to make the installation portable.PR#122778
New Environment VariableThe BLENDER_SYSTEM_EXTENSIONS environment variable has been introduced to add extensions to a Blender installation. This is useful for customized setups, such as those used in production environments.PR#122832
Improved Environment VariableThe BLENDER_SYSTEM_SCRIPTS environment variable now consistently adds scripts, including legacy add-ons and presets, to a Blender installation. This ensures these scripts are available to all users, making it ideal for studio setups.PR#122689
Background Mode AudioRunning Blender in background mode using -b or --background now disables audio by default, optimizing resource usage when rendering or processing in the background.7c90018f23
Online/Offline ModeNew command line arguments --online-mode and --offline-mode are available to force Blender to enable or disable online access, overriding the preferences set in the UI. This is useful for managing network access in different environments.PR#121994

Blender 4.2: Compositor

FeatureDetailsCommit / Pull Request
GPU AccelerationGPU acceleration is now available for final render compositing. This option can be configured in Render settings or the Compositor editor’s properties panel.727a90a0f1
CPU PerformanceThe CPU backend for the compositor has been rewritten, leading to significantly improved performance. Some behavior changes are necessary for consistent operation with the 3D viewport compositor.-
Execution Time OverlayAdded an overlay to display each node’s last execution time. This can be enabled from the Overlays pop-over.467a132166
Legacy Cryptomatte in ViewportThe Legacy Cryptomatte node is now supported in the Viewport Compositor.2bd80f4b7a
New Glare Mode: BloomA new Bloom mode has been added to the Glare node, offering faster computation and smoother falloff than the existing Fog Glow mode.f4f22b64eb
Fast Gaussian BlurThe Fast Gaussian mode of the Blur node is now implemented for the viewport compositor.382131fef2
Translate Node InterpolationThe Translate node now includes an Interpolation option with Nearest, Bilinear, and Bicubic modes.483c854612
Fog Glow in ViewportThe Fog Glow mode of the Glare node is now available in the viewport compositor, with a current implementation using CPU-based processing.f0c379e1d3
Glare Node OptimizationThe Fog Glow mode of the Glare node is now up to 25x faster.d4bf23771d
Viewport Compositing AreaThe compositing space in the viewport compositor is now always limited to the camera region in camera view, regardless of the passepartout value, ensuring consistency with final renders.-
Hue Correct NodeThe Hue Correct node now evaluates saturation and value curves at the original input hue, wraps around for seamless transitions at the red hue, and its evaluation is more accurate and predictable.69920a0680
Blur Node BoundariesThe Blur node now assumes extended image boundaries, treating pixels outside the image boundary as the closest boundary color.c409f2f7c6
Vector Blur UpdateThe Vector Blur node was rewritten to match EEVEE’s motion blur. The Curved, Minimum, and Maximum options were removed but might be restored in the future.b229d32086
Fast Gaussian Blur SizeThe Fast Gaussian mode of the Blur node now matches the size of other blur modes, while previously it was larger.f595345f52
Bicubic InterpolationBicubic interpolation for the Rotate and Stabilize 2D nodes now uses bicubic B-spline interpolation, providing more accurate results than the previous bilinear approach.f1d4859e2a
Automatic View UpdatesThe Update Views button was removed from the Switch View node; updates now happen automatically.9484770551
Transformation BehaviorTransformations are now applied immediately at the transform nodes, potentially leading to resolution loss if an image is scaled down and then up again.-
Wrapping in Translate NodeThe Wrapping option in the Translate node no longer repeats a pattern but operates as clip-on-one-side and wrap-on-the-other-side.-
Size InferenceThe new compositor evaluates the node tree from left to right without inferring image sizes from upstream nodes, leading to more predictable behavior but changing how some setups function.-
Clipping BehaviorThe new compositor does not clip images based on inferred sizes as the old compositor did, avoiding unexpected clipping.-
Sampling SpaceThe new compositor samples images in their own space, avoiding issues where the old compositor clipped images based on inferred space.-
Removed FeaturesTwo Pass options, and Edit and Render quality options have been removed to streamline and modernize the compositor.6db8091f45

Blender 4.2: Color Management - Khronos PBR and More

FeatureDetailsCommit/ Pull Request
Khronos PBR NeutralA new view transform designed for PBR color accuracy, ensuring output sRGB colors match the input sRGB base color under gray-scale lighting. Ideal for product photography where the scene is well-exposed and HDR color values are minimal.d1cbb10d17
Motion Blur SettingsMotion Blur settings are now unified between Cycles and EEVEE, providing consistency across rendering engines.74b8f99b43

Blender 4.2: Import & Export

Collection ExportersExporters can now be associated with Collections, allowing easy re-exporting of assets. Multiple exporters can be configured in the Collection properties panel, and all collections can be exported with a single click.509a7870c3
USD - Hair Curves SupportThe new hair curves object type is now supported for both import and export.ea256346a8
USD - Point Cloud ImportPoint cloud data can now be imported into Blender.e4ef0f6ff4
USD - Unicode SupportUnicode names are now supported on import and optional for export, compatible with USD 24.03 or later.9ad2c7df0b
USD - Import OptionsNew options to import only defined prims or all, convert USD dome light to a world shader, and validate meshes on import.bfa54f22ce
USD - Export OptionsNew export options to filter types, convert the world shader to a USD dome light, set stage up axis, use XForm operator convention, triangulate meshes, down-sample textures for USDZ, generate MaterialX network, and rename active UV map to st.a6a5fd053a
Alembic - Hair Curves SupportThe new hair curves object type is now supported for both import and export. Also addressed an issue where animated curves would not update during render.ea256346a8
Alembic - Multi-File ImportSupports importing multiple files at once.PR#121492
ColladaThe built-in support for Collada is now considered legacy and will be removed in a future version.82f9501a4a
glTF - New Addon LocationThe glTF addon has moved to addon_core.13a3603578
glTF - Importer OptionsNew options include setting bone shape and size, using nodes for alpha clipping in Eevee Next, removing Eevee legacy blend_method, and implementing KHR_animation_pointer.08d43667c8
glTF - Exporter OptionsNew export features include options to export Vertex Color, KHR_animation_pointer, collection export, export at the center of mass, manage drivers with ‘disable viewport’, add a profile option at export, and support for UDIM in merged textures.0f0a8df8a9
glTF - Export FixesVarious fixes including Vertex Color export, UV map export from an attribute node, exporting factor and Vertex Color simultaneously, and several crash fixes.730987cce3
ValidationOBJ, PLY, STL importers now default to Validate Meshes being on, which slows import slightly but prevents crashes with malformed data. Validation is now 2-3x faster than before.761dd6c923

Blender 4.2: Modeling & UV

FeatureDetailsCommit/ Pull Request
TransformCustomizable rotation snap increment added for the Transform tool, allowing more precise control during rotations.060174cf14
UV Editing - Edge and Vert SlideThe Edge and Vert Slide operators have been ported to the UV Editor, enhancing UV manipulation capabilities.aaadb5005e
UV Editing - Set Snap BaseThe Set Snap Base feature, triggered by the B key, is now enabled in the UV Editor, facilitating more precise snapping.a56a975760
UV Editing - Snap to GridThe ‘Absolute Grid Snap’ option has been replaced with a new snap mode: Snap to Grid, improving grid snapping accuracy.f0479e915f
Curves Editing - Draw Evaluated CurvesCurves edit mode now draws evaluated curves and handles, providing better visual feedback during editing.15dbfe54e4
Curves Editing - Convert Curves TypesAdded support for converting between different curve types, enhancing flexibility in curve modeling.23265a2b6d
Curves Editing - Add MenuA new Add menu has been introduced to insert primitive curves, streamlining the creation of basic curve shapes.549d02637a
Curves Editing - Handle TypeNew operator to set the handle type for Bezier curves, offering more control over curve shaping.549d02637a
Curves Editing - Subdivide CurvesA new operator allows for the subdivision of curves, increasing the resolution and control over curve details.548df007a5
Curves Editing - Switch DirectionA new operator to switch the direction of curves, facilitating easier orientation adjustments.6c25c66194
Curves Editing - Toggle CyclicA new operator to toggle whether curves are cyclic, enabling seamless looping of curves when needed.d315a6a793
Curves Editing - Project to SurfaceNew option to only draw onto selected objects in “project to surface” draw mode, refining the drawing process to specific surfaces.241c19a57a

Blender 4.2: Sculpt, Paint, Texture

New Tools - Polyline MaskA new tool for creating masks in sculpting using polyline selections, providing more control over masking complex shapes.025df21a0f
New Tools - Lasso HideAllows users to hide parts of the mesh with a lasso selection tool, improving visibility control during sculpting.68afd22501
New Tools - Line HideA tool for hiding mesh sections using a straight line selection, useful for precise visibility adjustments.6e997cc757
New Tools - Polyline HideSimilar to the Line Hide tool but allows for polyline-based selections to hide complex mesh areas.55fc1066ac
New Tools - Line Face SetCreates face sets based on a straight line selection, aiding in organizing and managing different areas of the mesh.7726e7f563
New Tools - Polyline Face SetAllows creating face sets using polyline selections, providing more flexibility for defining face sets on complex shapes.025df21a0f
New Tools - Line TrimA trimming tool that cuts the mesh along a straight line, useful for quickly reshaping the mesh.d4a61647bf
New Tools - Polyline TrimTrims the mesh along a polyline selection, allowing for more detailed and custom trimming operations.025df21a0f
New Tools - Grow & Shrink VisibilityAdjusts the visible area of the mesh by growing or shrinking the current visible section, enhancing control over mesh visibility during sculpting.1ab3fffc1d
New Options - Trim Tool SolversUsers can now choose between Fast and Exact solvers for the Trim tools, balancing speed and accuracy according to their needs. More details in the documentation.881178895b
Global Rotation IncrementSculpt and Weight Paint modes now support the global, customizable rotation increment for corresponding Line tools when snapping is enabled, such as Line Hide in Sculpt and Gradient in Weight Paint.1cf0d7ca6a

Blender 4.2: User Interface

FeatureDetailsCommit/ Pull Request
General - Layout SupportAdded support for horizontal rules in vertical layouts and vertical rules in horizontal layouts, enhancing layout flexibility.4c50e6992f
General - UI ScalingImproved interface scaling for better visual quality across different resolutions and displays.85762d99ef
General - Icon ChangesUpdates to various icons across the interface, improving clarity and usability.42e7a720c9
General - Font ShaderOptimizations made to the font shader for better performance.a05adbef28
General - Font UpdateInterface font updated to Inter 4.0, providing a more modern and readable appearance.f235990009
General - Tooltip ChangesEnhanced tooltips with larger color samples and detailed values, and improved tooltips for colors and other UI elements.41bbbd2359
General - Asset BrowserThe Asset Browser now supports the Maximize Area function, improving workspace management.2d5a83f294
General - Wavelength NodeThe Wavelength node now uses nanometer-scale inputs, aligning with real-world wavelength measurements.cc541f2c07
Status Bar - Keymap DisplayImprovements to the keymap display in the status bar, including more concise format for multiple X/Y/Z operations and expanded icons for keymap events.c4e5a70e07
DialogsImproved the layout and usability of large and small confirmation dialogs, and enhanced property dialogs. Panels are now supported in dialog popups. Removed some unnecessary operator confirmations.00b4fdce2c
MenusReorganization of “Select” menus for consistency, and improvements to the layout of menus in mesh sculpt mode. Changes to menu separator padding and a unified format for Zoom menus.6789a88107
3D ViewportAdded toggles for Camera Guides and Passepartout in Viewport Overlays. Corrected initial viewport tilt and improved overlay text contrast. Reduced dead zone for SpaceMouse and added a Modifiers submenu in the Object menu.392ac52ebb
Properties EditorUsers can now add, remove, apply, and reorder modifiers of all selected objects by holding alt. Changes to Modifier pinning and added eyedropper button to camera focus distance.9a7f4a3b58
Text EditorAdded GLSL syntax highlighting and support for dragging strings & URLs into the text editor and Python console.462c144f41
Node EditorInput sockets that don’t allow editing the value are now hidden from the sidebar. Improved node tooltips, drag-and-drop functionality, and the ability to add multiple images at once. Node groups now support descriptions and color tags.d27a1c47fa
OutlinerCtrl-F can now initiate Outliner filtering. The “Orphan Data” mode has been renamed to “Unused Data,” and the Blender File mode now supports managing user counts.f5fdda776c
Unused DatablocksThe Purge operator now provides a dialog to choose options and see instant feedback on the amount of unused data-blocks to be deleted. The File > Cleanup menu has a new Manage Unused Data operation.0fd8f29e88
PreferencesNew button added to save custom themes. Improved operators for adding and deleting custom themes and key configurations. The “Translation” section in Preferences has been renamed to “Language.”ee38a7b723
SplashChanges to the Splash Screen for new versions to enhance the user experience upon startup.d2d810f11a
PlatformsLinux: Support for registering/unregistering file-type associations and image copy-paste functionality on Wayland. Windows: Fixed pixel shift in clipboard image paste.9cb3a17352
UI TranslationsRemoved the ability to edit PO files directly from Blender UI, simplifying the translation process.b143cc1885

Blender 4.2: Sequencer

FeatureDetailsCommit / Pull Request
Optimized Movie Playback- Reduced stalls when new movie clips start playing by caching FFmpeg RGB<->YUV conversion contexts.
- Reduced redundant work during FFmpeg initialization.
Efficient Rendering- Reduced the amount of temporary image clears when rendering the VSE effect stack, enhancing efficiency.b4c6c69632
Alpha Over Optimization- Optimization for Alpha Over strips: Fully opaque strips that cover other strips stop lower strips from being processed, even if not covering the whole screen.f4f708a54f
Enhanced Strip Visuals- Visual overhaul for timeline strips with rounded corners for better visual separation.
- Thicker outlines for active/selected strips with improved contrast.
- Updated strip colors for improved readability.
Missing Media Indicator- Strips with missing media files now show a red tint and an icon overlay in the timeline for easy identification.PR#116869
Handle Manipulation- Streamlined tweaking of handles:
* Unselected handles are not drawn but are still interactive.
* Adjoined handles can be selected with one click.
* Moving unselected handles deselects them automatically.
Cache Line Overlay- New cache line overlay available by default, providing visual feedback for cached areas in the timeline.221951657b
Optimized Waveforms- Waveforms are now displayed as half-size by default, optimizing space usage in the timeline.a4dce75123
Overlay Reorganization- The overlay popover has been reorganized for improved clarity and usability.6e42c3d920
Improved Color Scopes- “Separate colors” option for the Luma waveform has been replaced by the more detailed “RGB Parade” scope in the preview.740c9f220d
Advanced Text Options- New options for text strips: Adjust shadow placement, blur level, and add text outline for enhanced customization.PR#121478
Drag-and-Drop Support- Multiple files can now be added from an external file browser to the VSE using drag and drop, streamlining the import process.89c1f7e0c3
Frame Range Zoom- New “Frame Scene Range” operator in the View menu zooms the horizontal view to match the scene or preview range, available in multiple editors including the VSE.95966813ae
Simplified Video Output- Removal of “AVI RAW” and “AVI JPEG” output types. Existing scenes using them are updated to “FFmpeg Video” with H.264 as the default option.f09c7dc4ba
Streamlined Timecode- Removal of redundant timecode types, retaining only “Record Run” and “Record Run No Gaps” to streamline workflows.69472c88ee

Blender 4.2: Animation & Rigging

FeatureDetailsCommit / Pull Request
Motion Path ColorsMotion Path points now use the Vertex theme color, and you can specify custom colors for parts of the path before and after the current frame.fc025abde6
Frame Scene RangeNew operator to change the horizontal view to match the scene range or the preview range. Available in Dope Sheet, Timeline, Graph Editor, NLA Editor, and VSE.95966813ae
Graph Editor EnhancementsImproved Ease operator with S-Curve and sharpness control, smoother panning, and significantly faster key movement in heavy scenes.62f140e048
Generated Key TypeNew ‘Generated’ key type indicates keys set by automated tools. These keys appear smaller and dimmed in the Dope Sheet.51e1f29a68
Shape Key EditorNon-relative shape key animations can now be viewed and edited in the Shape Key Editor.7ff8a7b173
NLA Editor PerformanceImproved performance when viewing only a section of a long action in the NLA editor.24b4461be3
Bone Naming and VisibilitySubdividing bones now results in sequentially named new bones. Bones can be active and edited even if they are invisible.9f0cc7fe64
Custom Bone Shape WidthCustomizable wire width for custom bone shapes, configurable per bone under the “Custom Shape” options.f9ea64b0ba
Limit Rotation ConstraintFixed the “Limit Rotation” constraint to handle angles beyond 180º correctly and added a “Legacy Behavior” option for older files.ed2408400d
Copy Driver to SelectedNew option to copy a driver from one property to the same property on all selected items.bd3518946e
Copy Global TransformNew features for the Copy Global Transform add-on: “Fix to Camera” to keep objects static relative to the camera, and “Relative Copy-Paste” to copy and paste transformations relative to another object or the active scene camera.0b1d563a2f
Pose LibraryAdded “Blend Pose Flipped” option in the context menu and the ability to start the Pose Library in flipped mode by pressing Ctrl before dragging.3a40d2813f
Python API EnhancementsAdded keytype argument to rna_struct.keyframe_insert() for setting the key type directly and a new bake function for F-Curves to create keys at a specified interval.1315991ecb

Download Blender 4.2 and start creating with all these awesome new improvements! 👉 Blender 4.2 Release.

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Happy Blending! 🌟

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