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Environment Painting

80% of Entertainment work is covered with Environment related work. We get you up to date to advanced 2D workflows and produce attractive work for your future clients to see. We go through important lessons, which are necessary to push forward as an artists.

Live Instructor(s):
Christopher Schiefer
Adam Isailovic

Mentor-Mentee Ratio: 1 on 1

  • Photoshop
  • Blender ( no experience required)
1-2 Portfolio Paintings
2 Days per week
Valid Certificates

1 month


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Advanced 2D Methods

We go through Gestalt Theory, design principles, composition tactics, visual human perception and manipulate those fundamentals to our advantage.

Light matching, perspective matching is a very important task for each asset you place in 2D space. 

The module contains the following:

  1. Composition
  2. Design principles
  3. Photo Light Matching
  4. Photo Perspective Matching
  5. 3D Blockout

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Project Management

2D reference, marketing, naming conventions, 3D base models or rigs and many more.

In order to stay organized with your clients and yourself personally. We teach you how to properly lookup your resources, what quality to look for. Where to find what you need for personal and client work

The module contains the following:

  1. Structured References
  2. What reference to look for
  3. Quality Assurance of Final Image
  4. Client and Artist management
  5. Naming Conventions

only Pro & Massive

Massive 3D Workflow

Choose a subject and we go for it together.

Creating Large environments can take some time but we are here to speed it up for you with our experience of 15+ Years in 3D. You can get there much faster with a lot of effective workflows, tools, and principles that we teach.

The module contains the following:

  1. Create large 3D environments
  2. Fast 3D layout 
  3. Lighting strategy
  4. Modeling techniques
  5. Materials and textures

only Pro & Massive

Asset Management

One Massive advantage of 3D is the ability to reuse content. This is only possible if you work organized and in specific ways.  We will show you how to collect assets for personal or client work. ( It is necessary to some extent these days)

The module contains the following:

  1. Gather  3D Resources
  2. Create 3D Libraries
  3. Cleaning up 3D Models


only Pro & Massive

Massive Instancing

Complexity equals simplicity.

We help you to see something complex as something simple by breaking it down into smaller digestible pieces. For example, understanding complex cities or just intricate architecture. 

The module contains the following:

  1. Proper instancing
  2. Performant 3D scenes
  3. Clean-up of slow 3D scenes

only Pro & Massive

Non-Destructive Modeling

The key to pulling off custom modular environment assets is to have control.
Control is key for every creative process.
We show you how to create complexity out of simplicity in modeling in the fastest way.

The module contains the following:

  1. Fast 3D modeling techniques
  2. Create faster 3D iterations
  3. Extensive practice sessions

only Pro & Massive

CSG Modeling

We will cover this one extensively.

Just cut it how you want it to be. When deadlines for concept design are close, then booleans will help you push through faster.

The module contains the following:

  1. Carve your 3D models quickly
  2. Clean-up of Boolean models
  3. Boolean practice sessions

only Massive

ACES Color Management

The ACES color space is the current industry standard for lossless color quality, conversions and more. It is necessary to prepare for the future as an artists to deliver high-quality results. Artists have to share files to teammates and therefore are required to do so in a proper color managed environment!

The module contains the following:

  1. 8-bit to 32-bit
  2. Color Profiles
  3. Image Delivery to client

Students' Results

Adam's Transformation

After hard work 3D and 2D, while pushing through all the practical live mentoring we give him. Have a look at Adam’s review you can see how he changed to what it takes to create large shots like in the comparison. Adam never really picked up blender before and did not handle many large scale 2D/3D environments in his life before. After the mentorship, we worked on marketing fundamentals and a breakdown video content.

Gabriel's Transformation

He did 3 live mentorships. Hard work and dedication pushed him forward. We covered detailed subjects and he worked on multiple detailed portfolio pieces during this time! He got featured in and 3D . Learn more about Gabriel in his review

Industry Influence of Students and Mentors

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