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Concept Art Mentorship

Looking for a Concept Art Mentorship? High-Quality & knowledgeable guidance from industry professionals. Build your Portfolio.

The Entertainment Industry is ever-evolving.

For this reason, we integrate the latest standards into your skills as an artist in this mentorship. As a result, you are more likely of high value for your future clients.

An appealing High-Quality Portfolio created within your mentorship will help you discover new opportunities in the Industry.


Learn how you can shine between millions of artists with the help of a concept art mentorship.

Most importantly, we show you  what clients look for. As a result of our subjects, we can focus on creating a brand about your self as an artist during our mentorship.

Learn from a Pro Illustrator.

Open for submission

Modern clients require modern artists.  You need to be able to have certain skillsets down before you are able to fulfill the needs of your dream clients such as Blizzard, Mynet, and Bethesda, who your mentor worked for.

He will build in-depth projects with you to raise awareness for your portfolio. Let you know how clients work and what they need. Help you with Anatomy, Perspective, Composition and more, view details.

Live Instructor(s): Edward Chee
$659 $549/mo.
1 Month
1-2 Portfolio Paintings
2 Days per week
Valid Certificates
$629 $525/mo.
2 Months
Includes Beginner Modules
2-3 Portfolio Paintings
$599 $499/mo.
4 Months
Includes all Modules
3-4 Portfolio Paintings
Dealing with Clients
Get Articles about you
Authority Strategy
0 + Modules

Each module is explained in detail under “View Details”. Feel free to contact us for questions regarding a mentorship. If you want to customize your mentorship, let us know. 

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Modernize your Environment Skills

Open for submission

80% of Entertainment work is covered with Environment related work. Therefore, we practice the latest industry standards. For Instance, We cover advanced 2D workflows. We will help you produce attractive work for your future clients to see. Find out in detail what you can expect from this concept art mentorship, view Intro details.

Live Instructor(s): Christopher Schiefer

Christopher Schiefer has been a mentor to many artists over 5+ years. He covers great knowledge about rising industry standards.

1-2 Portfolio Paintings
2 Days per week
Valid Certificates

1 month

$659 $549

Open for submission

3D workflows are dominating the industry, because of recent technological advancements. Therefore, Modern positions as Concept Designers or Illustrators should be fluent in 3D. Most importantly, those workflows provide higher value facing in-house or out-source studios, view Pro details.

Live Instructor(s): Christopher Schiefer

Christopher Schiefer has lectured dozens of artists over the years. In a mentorship, he tackles important knowledge about rising industry standards.

2-3 Portfolio Paintings
2 Days per week
Valid Certificates

2 months

$629 $525/mo.

Build Your Brand.

Open for submission

This mentorship covers a large range of necessary skillsets concerning this modern entertainment industry. Project Management, 2D as well as 3D Workflows are fundamentally important to deal with clients. As a consequence, more focused education is necessary to be treated as an authority.

As a result, we designed this mentorship if you face a lack of high-quality images in your portfolio. As a result of the quality, standing out to your future clients.

We will cover modules in-depth to create a milestone in your portfolio. We drive to change your mind to another level with all that is necessary. If you are a dedicated artist then this is the mentorship for you, view Massive details.

0 + Modules

Live Instructor(s): Christopher Schiefer

3-4 Portfolio Paintings
2 Days per week
Valid Certificates
Get Articles about you
Dealing with Clients
Authority Strategy
Addons and Scripts

4 months



Mentorship Results

Industry Influence of Students and Mentors

Mentorship Reviews

Matteo Paolini's concept art school student profile picture at cgverse

Matteo Paolini

“ The great thing about the mentorship was to be in an actual call and collaborate on a project together with the mentor. This makes it not only way more personal, but it also gives the opportunity to ask questions and getting the answer right away. Compared with sharing screens, you can really get an insight into a professional concept art creation process.

Additionally, this concept art school’s mentorship makes the whole process super effective. You can’t compare it with any art school scenario, where you sit in a class with a bunch of other people and the teacher is doing some lecturing and that’s it.

Really, if anyone is struggling if they should go to an expensive art school or take mentorship classes: Take the CGVerse mentorship.”

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Alessandro Paviolo's concept art school student profile picture at cgverse

Alessandro Paviolo

“ What really got me into taking the mentorship was the works of the teachers that I saw on Artstation as well as the works of the students.

After sending an email to get further information, Chris and his team were helpful, describing all different parts of the mentorship to be sure it was really useful for me and if it was what I was looking for. ”

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Stefan Stankovic's concept art school student profile picture at cgverse

Stefan Stankovic

“ It was very different way of learning in comparison to following any tutorial.

I learned a lot of things that helped me in my professional career, it was not just about how to make a good-looking picture, but actually how to work in the industry and how to set yourself apart.

I highly recommend CGVerse to anybody who wants to reduce the number of years searching for the right information. It is all in one place, you just need to be open-minded and curious enough when you decide to learn new techniques.”

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Gabriel Juarez's concept art school student profile picture at cgverse

Gabriel Juarez

“ Most art colleges in the States don’t offer courses for concept design. And the ones that do are way expensive!

CGVerse offered a cheap and practical program that could help me learn the skills I would need to create polished concept art.

On top of all that, the mentorship structure seemed more appealing to me than traditional classes. One-on-one meetings with my mentor could give me the opportunity to work at my own pace and ask questions whenever I felt I wasn’t getting something. ”

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Brief list of FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

The purpose of a mentorship is to guide the mentee into a beneficial direction in the interest of the mentee.

In order to achieve it, the mentor polishes existing skills. As a result, the mentee can further develop skills and reach out to various networks in order to elevate their careers.

A concept art mentorship matters because it has a 1 to 1 student-teacher ratio. Most importantly, artists are lectured individually.

As a consequence, a concept art mentorship is more focused on you as a person. Therefore, It allows the artist to develop skills more effectively.

The 3 C’s a mentor provides are important to successfully grow abilities of mentees during a mentorship.

  1. Consultation: Firstly, give Expert advice in specialized areas of interest.
  2. Counselor:  Secondly, the mentor will oversee and tackle problems according to the goals of the mentee.
  3. Cheerleader: Lastly, provide substantial motivation to grow the mentee’s abilities efficiently. 

A good mentorship program can greatly enhance satisfaction in the careers of a mentee, including mentors. It is a fast and efficient way of sharing knowledge. As a result, goals can be met faster between the mentor and the mentee. All of those features make up a good mentorship program. 

If a mentee is in need of a mentor depends on the learning path chosen by the mentee.

A mentorship is to shorten the valuable time it would take a mentee to acquire certain necessary traits to achieve goals set by the mentee. In order to achieve it, expert consultation and cheer are necessary to grow one’s abilities.

In conclusion, if the mentee is stuck in any way within certain boundaries, then a mentorship might be the right solution.

In order to achieve a goal, traits and skills have to be self-taught or taught by lecturers. However, a mentorship provides substantial shortening of the time it takes to acquire such necessary traits.

There are 7 very important traits to identify what makes a bad mentor.

  1. Firstly, the mentor does not provide substantial value to a mentee’s set goal.
  2. Secondly, the mentorship is not in favor of the mentee but of the mentor.
  3. Thirdly, motivation for the mentee is not being tackled but rather dragged down.
  4. Fourthly, the expertise of a mentor can not enhance the skillsets of mentees. 
  5. Fifthly, the mentor provides unfocused and chaotic lecturing approaches.
  6. Sixthly, mentorship does not open new visible paths to a mentee’s career.
  7. Most importantly, The mentor is unable to identify and act upon inefficient traits within the mentee’s mindset.

An online concept art mentorship works in the following way: Meetup online through screen sharing and use a microphone to communicate your goals and desires.
Then work together with the mentor to help you move towards your desired goals.

We will use Discord, free software to communicate, share screens and send files.

The Duration of a concept art mentorship depends on the set goal of the mentee. The more hours per mentorship the more feedback loops you can have. Generally, 2 hours depending on the difficulty of the goal should be enough.

At CGVerse, flexibility is one of our great advantages during a mentorship.
We meet up personally 2 times a week, depending on how difficult the work is. We work together hand in hand to achieve your goals.

Short answer, Absolutely not.

Mentors like Christopher Schiefer lectured non-native English speaking artists all around the world from Thailand, Japan, Singapore e.g Dominic Foong’s review, Philippines, Mexico, Poland e.g Mateusz Majewski’s student work, Brazil, Serbia e.g Adam’s review or Stefan’s review, Russia and many more countries.

We are always very patient as reported by Dominic Foong because everyone is learning in different ways.

Last but not least, see all of it as a good opportunity to tighten up your English skills next to your art skills.

Next to Discord, we use Google Drive, both are free to use.

All the planning and references will be very organized and structured in a Google Drive folder.

All Softwares and tools are recommended for client work and CGVerse course education. If you already have 3D software and tools in place then you can use those for education, but we do not recommend it. Get the following software: Get the following tools:
  • Painting Tablet(e.g wacom)
  • Microphone
* Free painting software is okay too ( we do not recommend it )

Contact us, we help you out.