Matthew Maurice Jämsen Review - CGVERSE - Online Concept Art School
"All in all CGVerse was a huge step on my art journey and I recommend this concept art school to anyone who wants to learn more"
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Matthew Maurice Jämsen
Concept Artist and Illustrator

Mentorship Review: 2D & 3D Environments

Matthew Maurice Jämsen​

He is currently active as a concept artist and illustrator. Loves to draw, paint and create inspirational art!

On top of that he has an impressive viking beard.

3D & 2D Environment Painting Mentorship

Full 1on1 live mentorship custom-tailored towards your problems.We will work together every week to create full-blown marketing quality ready images.

  • 1-4 Months 2 Days/week
  • 2 Hour Sessions
  • 1:1 Teacher Student Ratio
  • In-Depth 3D and 2D
  • Certificates
Tell us about yourself: Who are you, what do you love to do and where are you from?
I am 22 years old male from helsinki. My name is matthew jämsen. I love to draw, paint and create inspirational art and make art for other people. art is in a way meditation for me.
What were the biggest problems you faced when you started out as an artist?
my biggest problems were understanding modern way of making art for example using photoshop and blender. Drawing with ink was hard too because i have allways drawn with pencil and charcoal pencil.
What did you do during the mentorship and what helped you on each task?

I had hangout sessions multiple times a week and my mentor teached me new ways to make art and how to use blender and photoshop. It helped me to make my art quicker and better. We painted together and my mentor fixed and helped me with screen-sharing what was really helpful.

Why did you choose our concept art school and not other art schools?

Christopher made it feel like your making art with a friend. It was more, then just a school. This mentorship gave me lot of motivation and made learning fun like really fun. I think biggest difference to other ways of learning was that you were always helping and where personally involved helping get me to understand what i need to do different.

Matthew Maurice Jämsen concept art school work, Space Ship concept art
This piece was one of my sci-fi projects I chose in my mentorship. Really had fun with this one. i got idea for this painting from no man’s sky game and few other sci-fi movies. we used the same technique on this like we used on others, we started 3d modeling first and continued to photoshop after that where we used textures and painting techniques to make it look ready and beautiful.
How was the mentorship for you?

It was amazingly helpful. I learned a lot and it open my eyes how many ways there are to make art. It was nice to see that if u just push yourself forward you will learn with amazing rate. all in all CGVerse was huge step on my art journey and I recommend this concept art school to anyone who wants to learn more and have fun doing that.

Matthew Maurice Jämsen concept art school work, Aztec concept art
This piece was my aztec subject I chose in my mentorship. It was so fun because i learned so much from it. we started with blender and made 3D models first. my mentor taught me lot about 3d modelling on blender when we made this piece. after 3d modeling we continued to photoshop. on photoshop we started to paint and then we added some textures. after texture adding we painted rest of the details.
what would you say when you recommend us to an artist?​
i would tell that this is amazing experience. That you will learn quickly and have fun at the same time. It’s like drawing with friend but You just learn a lot every time. It will be huge turning point for you. after the mentorship you will have so much more information how to create your art more easily. you really get good foundation from this mentorship.
Matthew Maurice Jämsen concept art school work, Space station concept art

This piece was last one what we made on my mentorship. we used 3D techniques and matte painting techniques. This piece was biggest piece we made on this mentorship and it is my favorite too. we made 3D models on blender first and added some atmosphere on blender before we made our way to photoshop. on photoshop we started to add texture top of the 3D models. after that we made some detail to shadows and light. Then we started to paint all the details.