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Establish Moody Environments.

Open for Submission
Learn together with Sergey Vasnev. He will help you personally to push your skills. Show you his techniques and work on portfolio images.
If you are looking to improve and create mood in your work then this mentorship is for you!

Live Instructor(s): Sergey Vasnev

Mentor-Mentee Ratio: 1 on 2

0 + Modules

Each module is explained in detail below by clicking on it. Feel free to contact us with questions regarding mentorship. If you want to customize your mentorship, let us know. 

2-3 Portfolio Paintings
2 Days per week
Valid Certificates

2 months


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3-4 Portfolio Paintings
2 Days per week
Valid Certificates
Dealing with Clients
Get Articles about you
Authority Strategy

4 months


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Use Blender Efficiently

Sergey Vasnev will help you understand the role of blender to improve our art workflow. It will help us to achieve a more accurate final result and to experiment.

  1. How to assemble the scene
  2. How to set the light and mood
  3. Features and tricks for fast work in 3d
  4. Set the camera

3D Coat for Volumes

 We will look at how 3D Coat helps to create interesting designs in a 3D environment. This software does not force us to think about polygons and geometry, you can create 3D models as easy as drawing.

  1. Fast design in 3d
  2. Techniques and principles of 3dCoat
  3. Using brushes and stencils

Value Sketching

Learn how Sergey Vasnev establishes a simple and readable composition to communicate with the client or viewer. He will focus on values and simplification. It helps you establish mood, find shapes, and solve the overall composition upfront with only values.

  1. Different value schemes
  2. Interconnection of value and color


Work with Sergey Vasnev to strengthen your composition skills. The composition is fundamentally important to achieving an appealing and memorizable image.

Sergey Vasnev will cover contrast, rhythm, pattern, rule of thirds, proportion,  scale, and more.

Sketching with 3D

Making color sketches using 3d blockout.

  1. A technique that has a lot of goodies
  2. Working with brushes
  3. Photobash tips
  4. Rendering for 2d overpaint

Matte Painting Techniques

Matte painting is a technique used in the VFX industry. It requires a good understanding of light, color, and perspective and assumes very accurate work with photos.
Sometimes Matte Painting can be used in illustration and concept art for making highly detailed images.

Painting Techniques

Learn to master a variety of 2D Techniques with Sergey Vasnev.

Sergey Vasnev will cover how to use:

1. Layers
2. Blend modes
3. Brushwork
4. Photo bashing
5. Mixerbrush
6. A stamp tool
7. Color Correction to finish your artworks


Establishing and maintaining perspective while painting is a crucial part of creating a realistic environment.
Learn how to find fitting and dynamic angles according to your goals.

Project Management

Learn how to structure your project so that you seamlessly fit into modern art environments in larger studios. Some aspects of a professional artist are less known, such as naming conventions, color spaces, File sharing, and delivery.
Sergey Vasnev will help you understand what it takes to deliver on time.
  1. Problem Solving
  2. Understanding Client Needs

Industry Influence of Students and Mentors

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