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Modern clients require modern artists.  You need to be able to have certain skillsets down before you are able to fulfill the needs of your dream clients such as Blizzard, Mynet, and Bethesda, who your mentor worked for.

He will build in-depth projects with you to raise awareness for your portfolio. Let you know how clients work and what they need. Help you with Anatomy, Perspective, Composition and more, view details.

Live Instructor(s): Edward Chee

Mentor-Mentee Ratio: 1 on 1

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Each module is explained in detail below by clicking on it. Feel free to contact us for questions regarding a mentorship. If you want to customize your mentorship, let us know. 

Dynamic Anatomy

We go through the necessary fundamentals of anatomy to improve your images with believable figures.

As a result, clients will value your artwork differently and you gain the confidence to fix arising anatomy issues in your illustrations.

The module contains the following:

  1. Dynamic posing drawing
  2. Intense figure drawing practicing
  3. Proportion
  4. Gesture
  5. Anatomy Landmarks
  6. Anatomy Shortcuts
  7. Female & Male Differences

Character Design

Clients require adaptive artists in today’s entertainment industry. 

Therefore, this module covers extensively the basics of satisfying a client’s design brief.

The module contains the following:

  1. Design Principles
  2. Costume design
  3. Design According to Client’s Brief
  4. Creating Interest

3D Base for Illustration

Today’s quality requirements force artists to be up-to-date in technological advancement.

Therefore, using 3D as a base will improve your consistency and quality level for the client’s needs.

The module contains the following:

  1. Posing 3D Rigs
  2. Lighting Strategies
  3. Rendering

Composition for Illustration

The composition makes up the majority of the final appearance of an image. 

For that reason, artists should be able to create appealing and dynamic compositions according to the client brief.

The module contains the following:

  1. Camera Placement
  2. Create an Appealing Composition
  3. Adapt to Client Brief
Composition for illustration CGVerse Illustration mentorship

Speed Sketching

Speed is one of the most important properties a proficient artist has to have in order to create iterations for the client’s needs and also to enhance the quality of an image.

Most importantly, speed is necessary to save energy and time in the long run in an artist’s career.

The module contains the following:

  1. Photo bashing
  2. Brush Work
  3. Staying  Loose and Tight
  4. Building a Visual Library
  5. Collecting the Right References

Color Theory

Visual fertility is key to convince the clients or fans of your art. 

Color theory will accelerate your perception and decision-making in your workflows.

The module contains the following:

  1. Color Decisions
  2. Effective Material Rendering
  3. Appealing Contrast
  4. Grayscale to Color
  5. Use of  Value, Saturation, Hue
High Quality Rendering CGVerse Illustration Mentorship

High-Quality Rendering

In order to stand out among millions of artists, you have to shine with quality rendering in your illustrations. 

The module contains the following:

  1. Material Definition
  2. Creating Appealing Faces
  3. Atmosphere Lighting
  4. Lighting Decisions

Project Management

Larger clients require proficient time and project management including time tracking, problem-solving and dealing with difficult situations.

The module contains the following:

  1. Problem Solving
  2. Understanding Client Needs
  3. Differences Between Large and Small Clients

How to Finish Artworks

Only a few artists among millions are able to reach a required quality level and are able to withstand the pressure of endless iterations to satisfy a client’s needs. 

Therefore, you need to be able to polish your artwork and also be able to fit a team with proper layer management.

The module contains the following:

  1. Final Polishing
  2. Layer Management for Client
  3. Post-Processing
  4. Final Iterations

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