Art Job Search & Portfolio review

Looking for an art job or portfolio review in the industry? We guide you with a deep analysis of your online appearance and interview your goals!

Business Orientation


1on1 Portfolio Review and Branding

Learn how to structure your portfolio, build a strong email strategy, how to properly use LinkedIn. Learn what images to remove from your portfolio and understand what an Art director or HR is looking for in your application.
Christopher Schiefer(CEO, Art Director, Producer) has experience in hiring and will guide you through improving your current strategy.

Please make sure to have at least 5 images in your portfolio before applying for 3 sessions with a duration of 60 minutes.

  1. Business Orientation
  2. Email Strategy
  3. Studio Hierarchies
  4. LinkedIn workflow
  5. Art Direction / HR insights
  6. Portfolio Cleanup

$ 149 per 3 sessions

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