Convincing Storytelling for Games.

Game Illustration Mentorship | Will Gist

The Game Illustration mentorship with Will Gist focuses on storytelling that convinces your audiences and future clients. You will tackle 12 modules of Will’s professional workflow along the way with him together.

Will Gist

Freelance Illustrator - Riot Games, Wizzards of the Coast

Illustration | Character | Concept Art

Mentor 32 Executed live sessions


Will Gist is a Berlin-based concept artist and illustrator who has worked on games such as League of Legends, Legends of Runeterra, Degenesis and has worked for companies such as SIXMOREVODKA - Riot Games, Microsoft, and more. He has mentored artists in several digital painting classes.




This mentorship will focus on 3 days per week to help you improve more efficiently. The days in between will be used for your project assignments.
We planned 90 minutes for this mentorship based on the difficulty, mentor to mentee ratio and Will’s mentorship availability.
This mentorship has a 1:2 mentor to mentee ratio. Learning mates help to improve more efficiently in Will’s mentorship
Generaly, modules are based on Will’s industry workflow and experience. Modules are lectured loosely and organicly based on your personal and project needs. All 11 Modules are fully explained bellow you can reach them by clicking on it.
The difficulty of each mentorship can be adjusted according to the submitted portfolio, but is limited to the preference of Will.
We provide 2 certificates. One for participation and the other is for acomplishmenet. Acomplishment will only be handed over to the participant if the internal cgverse team rated the result as excelent.


2-3 Portfolio image(s)

2 months

$ 1059/mo.


Clear storytelling



How to paint thumbnails effectively is a necessary part of your future tasks for your clients. It helps to iterate faster with clarity in mind.

Learn how to sketch thumbnails fast with storytelling.

  1. Clear storytelling
  2. Values
  3. Lighting
  4. Mood

Pro + Massive




The proper steps to create an appealing game illustration are essential and have to be executed in the right order. Learn how to plan your art to be reliable as a digital artist.

  1. Composition
  2. Perspective
  3. Layout
  4. Structure
  5. Grouping

Pro + Massive

Color Theory


Color Composition

The elements of color composition to create a proper mood help tell the story. To achieve that, balancing color, value, and saturation will improve your final result.

  1. Color Theory
  2. Light Theory

Pro + Massive



Quality Rendering

Rendering is an essential part to finish an illustration and immersing your audience. Therefore, knowing how to render material, light, and texture properly will help you achieve set quality goals.

  1. Form
  2. Material properties
  3. Texture
  4. Light

Pro + Massive

Learn how to fix mistakes



How to make your artwork look finished is up to proper amounts of iteration, fixing issues, post-processing, and art direction. Thus, spending a long enough time to finish helps guarantee the clarity of an illustration.

  1. Learn how to fix mistakes
  2. Post-processing
  3. Iterations

Pro + Massive

Shape language


Character Design

To design characters for your clients, an essential understanding of functional and visual is necessary. Will is guiding you to create suitable designs with appeal in mind for your illustrations.

  1. Shape language
  2. Design principles
  3. Functionality
  4. Appeal

Pro + Massive



Dynamic Anatomy

The presence of body parts and movement has an immense role in the reliability and the appeal of your character. However, drawing a dynamic pose accompanies a set knowledge of anatomy, gesture, and proportion.

Therefore, you will learn how to draw muscles and pose dynamically along the way with the guidance of your mentor.

  1. Anatomy
  2. Gesture drawing
  3. Proportions

Pro + Massive

Problem Solving


Project Management

Learn how to structure your project so that you seamlessly fit into modern art environments in larger studios. Some aspects of a professional artist are less known, such as naming conventions, color spaces, File sharing, and delivery.

Will Gist will help you understand what it takes to deliver on time.

  1. Problem Solving
  2. Client Brief
  3. Reference management
  4. Layer structure
  5. Naming Conventions

Pro + Massive

Company Hierarchies


Dealing with Clients

How to get hired for a studio or dream project can be intimidating. There are several mindsets to adopt when approaching work as a professional artist.

*This module serves as a bonus and will be conducted by Christopher Schiefer(CEO) to improve your current work routine. This module will only be executed upon initiative response by the mentee after completing all months.

  1. Company Hierarchies
  2. Email Outreach
  3. Outsourcing

only Massive



Articles & Interviews

Exposure can be beneficial to help attract clients and improve your international attention.

*This module will be conducted by the CGVerse team based on the achieved level of polish at the end of your mentorship.

  1. Interviews
  2. Power of Editors
  3. Understanding Feature articles

only Massive

Understanding Client Needs


Authority Strategy

Learn how to structure your portfolio to maximize the impression of your efforts.
LinkedIn and a proper presentation of your personal and professional work can help stand out.

*This module will be conducted by the CGVerse team after finishing all acquired mentorship months with Will Gist

  1. Understanding Client Needs
  2. Naming Conventions
  3. File Delivery
  4. Structural Mindset

only Massive

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