Master Your Illustration Skills.

Illustration Mentorship | Emanuel Dias

Join the Intermediate Illustration Mentorship led by industry professional Emanuel Dias to refine your skills and elevate your artwork. This mentorship focuses on essential aspects of illustration, covering storytelling, composition, rendering, and more.

Throughout the mentorship, you’ll delve into various modules designed to enhance your understanding and proficiency in illustration. From mastering the fundamentals to advanced rendering techniques, each module is tailored to provide you with valuable insights and practical skills to excel in the field.

Under the guidance of Emanuel Dias, you’ll explore storytelling techniques to create engaging narratives, delve into composition principles to craft dynamic visuals and learn advanced rendering methods to bring your illustrations to life. Whether you’re aiming to break into the entertainment industry or seeking to refine your portfolio, this mentorship offers the perfect opportunity to sharpen your illustration skills and unleash your creative potential.

Take your artwork to the next level and embark on this enriching journey with Emanuel Dias as your mentor.

emanuel dias artist

Emanuel Dias

2D Artist at Envar Studio

Illustration | Character | Concept Art

Mentor 22 Executed live sessions


Emanuel Dias is a highly skilled concept artist and illustrator, based in São Paulo. With over 4 years of experience in the industry, Emanuel has left his mark on notable projects, including collaborations with Riot Games for titles like Legends of Runeterra and League of Legends.

Specializing in compositions, colors, and drawing, Emanuel is passionate about teaching and is eager to assist artists on their creative journeys. Whether it’s refining thumbnails, perfecting storytelling, mastering color composition, rendering with finesse, stylizing artwork, or finalizing pieces.

Projects & clients

league of legends riot games envar legends of runeterra



beginner & intermediate

1:3 Class size

1 Day(s) per Week

180 Minutes per Session

8 Module(s)

2 certificate(s)

2-3 Portfolio images


2 months

$ 1299/month


beginner & intermediate

1:3 Class size

1 Day(s) per Week

180 Minutes per Session

11 Module(s)

2 certificate(s)

3-4 Portfolio images


4 months

$ 1199/month

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Study mentality

emanuel dias art illustration mentorship fundamentals

How to study fundamentals

In this module, Emanuel Dias will guide you through mastering the fundamentals of illustration with a comprehensive approach.
Emanuel Dias will impart valuable insights on composition, storytelling, and mood to elevate your thumbnails, ensuring they captivate audiences.
Through guided ideation and analysis, you’ll cultivate strong concepts for your artwork. Additionally, you’ll harness flow and structure to craft compelling visual narratives. By the module’s end, you’ll possess the expertise to create thumbnails that effectively convey your ideas.

  1. Study mentality
  2. Exercises
  3. Mileage
  4. How to see improvement in our art

Pro + Massive


emanuel dias art illustration mentorship thumbnails


Dive deep into the art of storytelling with thumbnails. Under the mentorship of Emanuel Dias, you’ll discover the power of values, composition, and action in conveying compelling narratives through your illustrations.

  1. Values
  2. Composition
  3. Action

Pro + Massive


emanuel dias art illustration mentorship storytelling

Storytelling & Mood

Explore how to tell engaging stories and set the right mood in your illustrations with Emanuel Dias. Learn to create balanced and dynamic compositions that capture people’s attention.
Learn how to create interesting characters and build suspense to make your illustrations more captivating.
Discover how colors and lighting can change the feeling of your artwork, making it more emotional or exciting.
Understand why every part of your illustration matters and how to make sure it all fits together to convey your message.

  1. Story
  2. Mood
  3. Purpose and Intention

Pro + Massive


emanuel dias art illustration mentorship structure


Learn essential techniques for bringing your illustrations to life with Emanuel Dias.
Gain insights into creating depth and dimension in your illustrations, making them appear three-dimensional and immersive.
Explore the fundamentals of human and creature anatomy, ensuring your characters look realistic and believable.
Learn how to infuse your illustrations with your unique style while maintaining coherence and visual appeal.

  1. Perspective
  2. Anatomy
  3. Stylization

Pro + Massive

Color Theory

emanuel dias art illustration mentorship color theory

Color Theory

Explore the fascinating world of color in illustration with Emanuel Dias. Learn how to use color effectively to evoke emotions and enhance the visual impact of your artwork.
Dive into the fundamentals of color theory, understanding how different hues, tones, and contrasts can influence the mood and atmosphere of your illustrations.
Discover how to use color psychology to convey specific emotions and messages in your artwork, creating a deeper connection with your audience.
Master the art of creating color thumbnails to experiment with different color schemes and compositions, ensuring your illustrations achieve maximum impact.

  1. Color Theory
  2. Emotion with Color
  3. Color thumbnails

Pro + Massive


emanuel dias art illustration mentorship rendering


Discover the methods to enhance your illustrations with precision and expertise under Emanuel Dias’s guidance. Explore advanced techniques to refine your rendering skills, elevating your artwork to a new level of visual appeal.
Explore various materials and techniques to add depth and texture to your illustrations.
Learn the secrets of lighting to enhance the mood and atmosphere of your artwork.
Master essential Photoshop tricks and techniques to refine and polish your illustrations.

  1. Materials
  2. Lighting
  3. Photoshop Tricks

Pro + Massive

Post Processing

emanuel dias art illustration mentorship final touches

Final Touches

Gain insight into the last stages of illustration creation, covering adjustments, revisions, and presentation. Emanuel Dias offers tips and guidance on achieving a quality finish to your work.
Learn techniques for refining and enhancing your illustrations in the final stages of production.
Discover strategies for presenting your work with more impact.

  1. Post Processing
  2. Presentation

Pro + Massive

Problem Solving

cgverse art mentorship project management

Project Management

Learn how to structure your project so that you seamlessly fit into modern art environments in larger studios. Some aspects of a professional artist are less known, such as naming conventions, color spaces, File sharing, and delivery.

Emanuel Dias will help you understand what it takes to deliver on time.

  1. Problem Solving
  2. Client requirements
  3. Reference management
  4. Layer structure
  5. Naming Conventions

Pro + Massive

Company Hierarchies

cgverse art mentorship dealing with clients

Dealing with Clients

How to get hired for a studio or dream project can be intimidating. There are several mindsets to adopt when approaching work as a professional artist.

*This module serves as a bonus and will be conducted by Christopher Schiefer (CEO) to improve your current work routine. This module will only be held upon your initiative response after completing all months.

  1. Company Hierarchies
  2. Email Outreach
  3. Outsourcing

only Massive


cgverse art mentorship get articles about you

Articles & Interviews

Exposure can be beneficial to help attract clients and improve your international attention.

*This module will be conducted by the internal team based on the achieved level of polish at the end of your mentorship.

  1. Interviews
  2. Power of Editors
  3. Understanding Feature articles

only Massive

Understanding Client Needs

cgverse art mentorship authority strategy

Authority Strategy

Learn how to structure your portfolio to maximize the impression of your efforts.
LinkedIn and a proper presentation of your personal and professional work can help stand out.

*This module will be conducted by the internal team after finishing all acquired mentorship months with Emanuel Dias

  1. Understanding Client Needs
  2. Naming Conventions
  3. File Delivery
  4. Structural Mindset

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