Master Splash Art.

Illustration Mentorship | Santiago Parra

In this Intermediate Illustration Mentorship, you will collaborate with the mentor, Santiago Parra, a splash artist from Colombia.

Together, dive deep into Storytelling, Composition, and Rendering, refining your skills.

By the mentorship’s end, you will work towards mastering fundamental illustration principles and craft artworks closer to your goals. This mentorship is ideal for illustrators in the entertainment industry.
santiago parra artist

Santiago Parra

Freelance Illustrator at MoonColony Studio

Illustration | Character | Concept Art

Mentor 47 Executed live sessions


Santiago Parra is a splash artist based in Colombia. He has worked as an illustrator for West Studio, SIXMOREVODKA, MoonColony and Envar Studio. Projects include Legends of Runeterra and Tencent promotional illustrations.

Projects & clients

sixmorevodka studio riot games envar legends of runeterra west studio



intermediate & advanced

1:3 Class size

2 Day(s) per Week

90 Minutes per Session

8 Module(s)

2 certificate(s)

2-3 Portfolio images


2 months

$ 1299/month


intermediate & advanced

1:3 Class size

2 Day(s) per Week

90 Minutes per Session

11 Module(s)

2 certificate(s)

3-4 Portfolio images


4 months

$ 1199/month

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santiago parra art illustration mentorship learn effectively

Learn How to study effectively

Enhance your art skills with Santiago Parra. Learn to select suitable learning materials, achieve consistency in your work, and build a regular painting routine for steady improvement.

  1. Reference
  2. Get Consistent
  3. Painting Habits

Pro + Massive


santiago parra art illustration mentorship thumbnails

Thumbnails with Intention

In this module, Santiago Parra will teach you how to create eye-catching thumbnails. You will explore composition, storytelling, and mood to make your thumbnails pop and engage viewers. Santiago Parra will walk you through generating ideas and analysis to build a strong concept for your thumbnail.

Learn how to use flow and structure for a compelling visual story. By the end of this module, You will have the skills to create thumbnails that express your ideas and captivate your audience.

  1. Compositions
  2. Shape Refinement
  3. Simplification
  4. Finalizing

Pro + Massive

Idea Generation

santiago parra art illustration mentorship storytelling

Coming up with a good story

Explore the world of storytelling through your illustrations with guidance from Santiago Parra. You will focus on how to brainstorm ideas, draw inspiration from experiences, and create illustrations that convey relatable and engaging narratives. Your mentor will provide insights to help you become skilled at crafting artworks with story in mind.

  1. Idea Generation
  2. Borrowing Ideas
  3. Storytelling
  4. Refining the Brief

Pro + Massive

Establish Mood

santiago parra art illustration mentorship color composition

Memorable Color Compositions

Learn the essentials of impactful composition in illustration. Find out how to convey Mood, color harmony, balanced values and colors, and optimize lighting setups under Santiago Parra’s guidance.

  1. Establish Mood
  2. color Harmony
  3. Values
  4. Color
  5. Lighting

Pro + Massive

Reference Integration

santiago parra art illustration mentorship rendering


Delve into the art of rendering, lighting, value, and color. Join Santiago Parra in discovering how to utilize these elements to craft compelling and authentic illustrations by incorporating photo and art references, mastering material properties, expanding your visual library, and achieving precision in detail placement.

  1. Reference Integration
  2. Material Properties
  3. Visual Library
  4. Strategic Detailing

Pro + Massive

Useful Tools

santiago parra art illustration mentorship workflow

Learning the industry workflow

Get a grasp of the workflow involved in producing an illustration, starting from the initial concept to the finished piece. Santiago Parra will share valuable insights and techniques, including selecting useful tools, optimizing layer efficiency, and implementing changes in your workflow.

  1. Useful Tools
  2. Layer Efficiency
  3. Learn How to Fix Mistakes

Pro + Massive

Post Process

santiago parra art illustration mentorship finalizing


Learn the crucial steps in the last stages of creating an illustration, including post-processing, putting on the finishing touches, seeking feedback, and knowing when to consider your artwork complete. Your mentor will share practical advice for achieving professional-quality results that anyone can understand and apply.

  1. Post Process
  2. Last Iterations
  3. Feedback
  4. Completion

Pro + Massive

Problem Solving

cgverse art mentorship project management

Project Management

Learn how to structure your project so that you seamlessly fit into modern art environments in larger studios. Some aspects of a professional artist are leser known, such as naming conventions, color spaces, file sharing, and delivery.
Your mentor will help you understand what it takes to deliver on time.

  1. Problem Solving
  2. Client Requirements
  3. Reference Management
  4. Layer Structure
  5. Naming Conventions

Pro + Massive

Company Hierarchies

cgverse art mentorship dealing with clients

Dealing with Clients

How to get hired for a studio or dream project can be intimidating. There are several mindsets to adopt when approaching work as a professional artist.

*This module serves as a bonus and will be conducted by Christopher Schiefer (CEO) to improve your current work routine. This module will only be held upon your initiative response after completing all months.

  1. Company Hierarchies
  2. Email Outreach
  3. Outsourcing

only Massive


cgverse art mentorship get articles about you

Articles & Interviews

Exposure can be beneficial to help attract clients and improve your international attention.

*This module will be conducted by the internal team based on the level of polish at the end of your mentorship.

  1. Interviews
  2. Power of Editors
  3. Understanding Feature Articles

only Massive

Understanding Client Needs

cgverse art mentorship authority strategy

Authority Strategy

Learn how to structure your portfolio to maximize the impression of your efforts.
LinkedIn and a proper presentation of your personal and professional work can help you stand out.

*This module will be conducted by the internal team after finishing all scheduled mentorship months with Santiago Parra.

  1. Understanding Client Needs
  2. Naming Conventions
  3. File Delivery
  4. Structural Mindset

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