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Stylized Character Design Mentorship | David Ko

This character design mentorship with David will help build in-depth projects to raise awareness for your portfolio. Let you know how clients work and learn required skills in the entertainment industry. Help you with character design, problem-solving, rendering, and more.

Everyone is open to join with no requirement.

david ko artist

David Ko

Concept Artist at Odyssey Interactive

Character Design | Stylized | Concept Art | Fundamentals | Anatomy

Mentor 395 Executed live sessions


David Ko is a concept artist currently working at Riot Games since 2016.

He has worked on multiple games such as League of Legends at Riot Games, Dungeon Hunter 4 for Gameloft, and worked for Le Vision Pictures, LTD. in 2015-2016. He is a passionate artist who likes to create stylized designs.

He has taught beginning artists and artists who have years of experience in the entertainment industry.

Projects & clients

league of legends riot games dungeon hunter 4



intermediate & advanced

1:3 Class size

2 Day(s) per Week

90 Minutes per Session

7 Module(s)

2 certificate(s)

2-3 Portfolio images


2 months

$ 1299/month


intermediate & advanced

1:3 Class size

2 Day(s) per Week

90 Minutes per Session

10 Module(s)

2 certificate(s)

3-4 Portfolio images


4 months

$ 840/month

$ 1199/month

Save $ 1436

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david ko art character design mentorship character design 02

Character Design

Learn how to create a visual language and solve your client’s tasks with the help of the insight knowledge of a riot artist. How to stay in proportion and improve your designs is one of the many tasks a character designer has to solve. Deepening your fundamentals in character design will prepare you for your future clients to enrichen their stories, visuals, design solutions, and more.

  1. Costume
  2. Shape Language
  3. Props
  4. Functionality

Pro + Massive

Mood board

david ko art character design mentorship research


Research is a necessary step in the creation of designs. Therefore, David will show you how to properly set up a mood board according to your client’s needs.

  1. Mood board
  2. References
  3. Style guide
  4. Story

Pro + Massive


david ko art character design mentorship basic crafts 02

Basic Crafts

Anatomy fundamentals are essential to an artist’s tool-set. Create dynamic poses and readable line quality to improve your designs.

David will guide you to master your basics in a step-by-step fashion.

  1. Anatomy
  2. Pose
  3. Line Quality

Pro + Massive

Design functionality

david ko art character design mentorship problem solving

Problem Solving

Learn how to integrate functionality into your character designs. It can take many iterations to finish your project while still maintaining a cohesive overall picture.

Learn how David Ko tackles such scenarios!

  1. Design functionality
  2. Pushing concept
  3. Preserving the vision

Pro + Massive


david ko art character design mentorship rendering 01


Rendering as a Stylized Character designer has a basis on the ability to understand primitive forms, material properties, values, color, and lighting.

Each aspect of rendering will contribute to the final result.
David Ko will guide you on what it takes to stay within a specific style yet render efficiently and with quality.

  1. Lighting
  2. Material
  3. Value
  4. Color

Pro + Massive

Feedback loops

david ko art character design mentorship finalizing


Finalizing can objectively separate you from a hobbyist to a professional. Learn what it takes to finish a quality design for your future clients. Your future art directors value this step as it can take the artist and team a lot of patience to push a product to the finishing line.

  1. Feedback loops
  2. Art Direction
  3. Quality
  4. Post Processing

Pro + Massive

Problem Solving

cgverse art mentorship project management

Project Management

Learn how to structure your project so that you seamlessly fit into modern art environments in larger studios. Some aspects of a professional artist are less known, such as naming conventions, color spaces, File sharing, and delivery.

David Ko will help you understand what it takes to deliver on time.

  1. Problem Solving
  2. Client requirements
  3. Reference management
  4. Layer structure
  5. Naming Conventions

Pro + Massive

Company Hierarchies

cgverse art mentorship dealing with clients

Dealing with Clients

How to get hired for a studio or dream project can be intimidating. There are several mindsets to adopt when approaching work as a professional artist.

*This module serves as a bonus and will be conducted by Christopher Schiefer (CEO) to improve your current work routine. This module will only be held upon your initiative response after completing all months.

  1. Company Hierarchies
  2. Email Outreach
  3. Outsourcing

only Massive


cgverse art mentorship get articles about you

Articles & Interviews

Exposure can be beneficial to help attract clients and improve your international attention.

*This module will be conducted by the internal team based on the achieved level of polish at the end of your mentorship.

  1. Interviews
  2. Power of Editors
  3. Understanding Feature articles

only Massive

Understanding Client Needs

cgverse art mentorship authority strategy

Authority Strategy

Learn how to structure your portfolio to maximize the impression of your efforts.
LinkedIn and a proper presentation of your personal and professional work can help stand out.

*This module will be conducted by the internal team after finishing all acquired mentorship months with David Ko

  1. Understanding Client Needs
  2. Naming Conventions
  3. File Delivery
  4. Structural Mindset

only Massive

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