Ramona Bottiglione Online Art School Review - CGVERSE - Online Concept Art School
"My mentor was really kind and always patient in helping me out and answering my questions, showing me the best way of how to solve my problems."
Ramona Bottiglione
3D Modeler and Texturing artist

Mentorship Review: 3D Game Character

Ramona Bottiglione

Ramona Bottiglione is a 3D Artist who is specialized in 3D modeling and texturing. She is passionate about making game-ready characters in videogames and the VFX movie industry.

3D Game Character Mentorship

Live mentorship custom-tailored towards your problems. We will work together every week to create full-blown marketing quality ready images.

Please introduce yourself. What inspires you? What brought you to digital art?​

I’m Italian. 5years ago I decided to move to Australia with my partner to change our life. In Sydney (where I’m currently living) I got my Bachelor’s Degree in 3D Art and Animation. I decided to study 3D because I’ve always been passionate about videogames and VFX movies that I would like to work in this industry.

Barbarian Turntable

The character I made during my Mentorship with Ankush. We chose a game concept art, then I modeled it in Zbrush and Maya,
made the textures in Substance, and rendered in Marmoset.

What problems did you experience when you were at the beginning of learning 3D character modeling?

Unfortunately, during my bachelor’s degree, I didn’t have the chance to learn how to make human characters. Even though I followed tutorials I never felt ready and prepared enough to make them. I wanted to improve my skills as a character modeler. My first step to achieving this goal was to take a CGVerse mentorship. 

Helmet Asset
What skills did you improve during the mentorship and what tasks did you have?

I improved on how to make a good retopology and how to use cards to create hair and fur. I have also learned how to add more details to a character to make it more appealing. Every week I had one or two tasks to complete. After each session, my mentor Ankush assigned me what to do for the next session to progress with my project. I had a variety of tasks such as making the proxy model in Maya, sculpting the body/details in Zbrush, texturing in Substance, rendering in Marmoset. 

How did you feel about your mentor and mentorship?

It was a good experience to improve my skills. Thanks to my mentor Ankush now I know what I need to do to make good characters and how to push myself to add details to my model to make it stand out. My mentor was really kind and always patient in helping me out and answering my questions, showing me the best way of how to solve my problems.

PBR Textures Used

What would you say when you recommend us to an artist?

This mentorship is a good investment for your future if you intend to improve your skills and knowledge. The mentor will teach you what you need to do to take your art to the next level. 

Axe Asset
What are your ambitions for the future?

I’d like to make more characters with different styles that range from realistic, stylized to game art. I hope my skills be noticeable one day so, in the future, I’ll be able to find a job in the game industry (which is my dream) or in a movie/animation company.

Axe Asset ver.2

Personal Images

(Before the mentorship)


Human female I made during my studies at Uni, I intended to make a Human mage game style 


Original character concept art. She is a celestial being, the creator holding an entire universe at her fingertips. Once existed beyond time and space, she appears among us to experience the duality of existence and to confront fools who proclaimed to be gods.