Tatiana Zmeevskaya

I can proudly tell that painting backgrounds doesn't intimidate me anymore. And most of all, I learned how to be patient with myself.

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About Tatiana

Tatiana Zmeevskaya is a digital artist and illustrator who is specialized in concept art, character design, and passionate about drawing animals and creatures.

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413 Words written by Tatiana

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Please introduce yourself. What inspires you? What brought you to digital art?

Hi! My name is Tatiana, a digital artist from Russia currently living in the US.
I draw my inspiration from books, games, nature, and fellow artists. When I was a kid, I was very impressed by Disney animation. I didn’t know if it could be possible, but I wanted to become a cartoonist or an animator.
I started as a traditional artist using primarily pencil, watercolor, and gouache since digital tools were not available. And I still have a soft spot in my heart for traditional media, but digital art opened up a million new possibilities for me. It gives me a chance to make mistakes without starting over, and all of the colors are always available at my fingertips. It felt magical the first time I tried it, and that feeling never went away.

What were the biggest problems you faced when you started out as an illustrator?

I’m self-taught, so it was challenging to learn everything without feedback from more experienced artists. I also had a hard time painting backgrounds. It always felt so overwhelming. So I avoided them at all costs until recently.

tatiana zmeevskaya art illustration mentorship midnight visitor


This illustration was based on my character Aliciath. Since it is a splash art type of image, my original concept needed some refinement and extra details. I’m delighted with how it turned out.

How did your skills improve during the mentorship, and what were the tasks like?

With my mentor, we tackled various fundamentals like composition, anatomy, perspective, values, and color. I feel like I got a deeper understanding of all of these subjects now.
Monika guided Emmanuel and me through the illustration process, from thumbnails to final touches. And I can proudly tell that painting backgrounds do not intimidate me anymore. Through trial and error, I found a way how to paint trees. I got a better grasp of the female facial structure. I figured out how to render a variety of materials. And most of all, I learned how to be patient with myself.

How was the mentorship for you?

Honestly? I loved it! Monika is a fantastic mentor. She answerd all of our questions. She praised us and was never harsh with the critique. I worked very hard and was always looking forward to our new session to learn something new. I’m pleased with the progress I’ve made. No regrets.

tatiana zmeevskaya art illustration mentorship grove guardians

Grove guardians

This was a fascinating and challenging piece for me. I had a chance to practice rendering different materials and to try out a different lighting scenario.

What made you decide to take a mentorship at CGVerse?

I was looking for guidance on improving my skills. Concept art mentorship felt like the right route to take. In search of a mentor, I stumbled upon the CGVerse school website and was blown away that I can choose from various subjects and learn from professionals who have hands-on experience in the industry.

What motivations do you have for the future?

I’ve been freelancing since 2016, and I’m currently on the hunt for an artist position in the game industry. I believe that learning is a lifelong journey. I will continue honing my skills and advancing in my career.

Personal images

(Before the mentorship)

tatiana zmeevskaya art personal 01


Concept art for an original succubus character I’ve finished at the beginning of 2020. She is a loyal soldier in Lilith’s army. Mischievous and charming. She will hold you in her arms gently, and she will reap your soul out.
tatiana zmevskaya art personal 02


Original character concept art. She is a celestial being, the creator holding an entire universe at her fingertips. Once existed beyond time and space, she appears among us to experience the duality of existence and to confront fools who proclaimed to be gods.

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