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Concept art schools need happy students!

In our courses and mentorships, we dedicate as much effort as possible to teach techniques, workflows but most importantly, push personal boundaries and how to approach it in the most effective way.  We were sitting down with some of our students in order to improve and show you how it looks inside our mentorships!

Lie Setiawan Profile Photo-LOW

Lie Setiawan

The mentorship was overall jam-packed with knowledge, I've had some mind-blowing moments ...
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Alessandro Paviolo

Thanks to CGVerse I was able to land my first in-house job at Forge Reply ...
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David Henry

It really was a great experience, especially that I learned from great mentors …
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Gabriel Juarez

Gabriel Juarez

I came to CGVerse concept art school so I could learn how to create compelling scenes ...
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Adam Isailovic

1 on 1 class, where whole attention of the teacher is on the student ...
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Leana Mullan profile image

Leana Mullan

The best investment I ever did! I wouldn’t have come so far in this short time on my own ...
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Shiane Salabie

I would recommend CGVerse concept art mentorship to other artists even if they already went to art school ...
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Bill Williams profile image02

William Williams

I am gracious to have gone through this concept art mentorship with great mentors and appreciate ...
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profile image eric gris

Eric Gris

Two words, game-changer. CGVerse was for me an amazing experience to start my career in the ...
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Marceau Ken Nakayama

Marceau Nakayama

The techniques and workflow Christopher teaches are extremely relevant to …
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Matthew Jämsen

All in all CGVerse was a huge step on my art journey and I recommend this concept art school to anyone who ...
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Matteo Paolini

Really, if anyone is struggling if they should go to an expensive art school or take mentorship …
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Stefan Stankovic

I highly recommend cgverse to anybody who wants to reduce…
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concept art school review

Brit Pease

The mentorship was fun, engaging, and full of knowledge ...
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Michele Nucera

If you take other concept art schools, you end up having feedbacks for just ten minutes each week, but ...
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Dominic Foong

One of the reasons I chose Chris over an online training school, is because this format allows me to ...
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