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Illustration & Concept Art Studio in Western and Asian Style.

Looking to Outsource your AAA or Indie project? On-Demand & Quality focused.

Our Workflow

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Brief list of FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

The purpose of a Illustration & Concept art Studio is to offload tasks to a 3rd party and to reduce labor costs. Sometimes Hardware and Software acquisition is shifted to the provider.

Companies are able to focus on the business component rather than fulfilling tasks or hiring staff.

Outsourcing matters for companies, which do not plan to hire staff for temporary or long-term tasks which are not essential to the core of the business.
Most often Skilled staff requires resources to acquire and it is more affordable to outsource those steps to a provider.

Our services include Concept art, Concept design, Illustration in both 3D and 2D.

Our Pricing is structured on the difficulty of the task at hand. We try to be fair and adapt to the brief. Complex tasks will require skilled artists and vice versa.

Outsourcing can be necessary if hiring staff would surpass the budget of independent or AAA developers.
If additional art direction or expertise is required.

Art Direction is included in our services, to effectively make use of hired artists and to meet standards set by the client.
Guidance and quality assurance will be more likely ensured. The artists will also have fewer responsibilities to take care of and focus on the work.

Iterations are based on the brief complexity and the client’s standards.

We range from Western to Asian styles according to your brief. We recruit and do quality assurance accordingly.